Posts tagged ‘Second Mile Water Intern’

Sophie Saouma 

Sophie was raised as a third culture kid, constantly moving around the world before settling into Boulder, Colorado…. and then Claremont, California, to study at Scripps College for her BA. She studies Middle Eastern and North African studies and Computer Science. When she is not hunched over Arabic homework or lines of code, she likes […]

Molly Henze 

As one of our ‘Talking Heads,’ Molly is a bubbly, buzzing flower child running on excessive amounts of caffeine. Born and raised throughout California, she’s always been on the move and isn’t stopping any time soon. A current student at the University of Colorado Boulder, she is studying Political Science in the hope of applying […]

Rachel Taylor 

A huge outdoor enthusiast, Rachel was born in Seattle but moved to Colorado to pursue her undergraduate degree in International Business at the University of Denver. She spent the fall of 2012 studying and exploring throughout Europe. From her travels thus far, she has discovered that connecting and living with many different types of people […]

Natasha Millman 

Born and raised on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, this California native is no stranger to the water, an outdoor enthusiast, Tasha moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder. She first became aware of the frequency of poor water conditions during family trips to Ensenada, Baja […]

Jamie Karpo 

Hailing from Philadelphia, Jamie divided her time between the city, the shore, and the Pocono mountains. She received a BA in English from Arcadia University, spending time abroad at the University of Greenwich in London. In between hopping oceans and snowboarding, she followed her passion for nature and studied environmental policy at Villanova University School […]

Cameron Fitzpatrick 

Also known as Cam, Camborghini, and Cambo, Cameron is a true Belieber with his singing electric Justin Bieber toothbrush. Cameron grew up in sunny Key Largo Florida where he spent mostĀ of his free time diving on tropical reefs, fishing on the open Atlantic and the shallow Florida Bay. After moving to BoulderĀ to attend the University […]