RISE. | Second Mile Water's 2013 Gala Event for Clean Water
RISE. | Second Mile Water's 2013 Gala Event for Clean Water



That’s the only way to describe how we, at Second Mile Water, felt after Friday’s event.

You came, donning suits, ties, snazzy dresses and big smiles. You engaged with us. You met us where we are and connected with our vision. The response you’ve given us has been overwhelming, and we are proud to have you as a part of our tribe. Thank you. 

We are excited to report that along with our generous matchers, we raised $8,200 on Friday – enough money to pay for the remainder of the well, the pump to raise the water to the surface, and a portion of the distribution system. Amazing!!

Click the photo booth image above to see the Stop-motion video.
Individual photos from the booth can also be found on our Google Plus page!

We are hopeful that by the end of 2013 we will be able to raise the remaining $4,700 (which will be matched to $9,400) to complete the system. If you are able to give further, You can donate here as well as using the button below. With your continued help we believe we can fund El Bosque’s entire system by the end of the year(!).

If you know someone who may be interested in connecting with us, joining our endeavor to get clean water to El Bosque by December 31, please contact us directlyEmail us at info@secondmilewater.org or use the button below and our contact form.

Once again, we’d like to offer a huge, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for coming to RISE and joining us in our mission, and we’ll be in touch soon!!

– Travis Ramos and the 2MW Team

Second Mile Water




Friday, December 6, 2013


Experience the sights, sounds, and stories of our work providing permanent access to clean water for people in the developing world.  Second Mile Water invites you to our first annual 100% event, RISE.

Why should you RISE with us? Here’s a story:

When I first came to the community of El Bosque in north-central Nicaragua, the situation of the family above wrenched my stomach. I remember writing home and saying that I wasn’t sure I could even just be here, as I tried to come to grips with such a stark reality. At the heart of a myriad of problems, they had no clean water, and walked to the river each day to get what water they did have. My heart was so heavy and burdened to help but I didn’t have the resources to do anything about it. As I came back to El Bosque time and again in the coming years, the community stood to me as a subtle reminder me of how broken our world can be.

Two years ago, I was walking down one of the paths between houses, and I saw this, knelt down and picked it up. I kept it as a reminder that no one on this planet chooses where they’re born. Some get the two of Clubs and are born in places like El Bosque, others get the Ace of Spades and a red carpet of opportunity laid out before them; it’s not up to us. I still carry the card in my wallet wherever I go.

This past week, I met this little Empress along with her younger brother. When I first came to El Bosque, neither of them had yet been born. Being two and three years old now, growing up in El Bosque, they were both essentially dealt the two of Clubs that sits in my wallet.

It seems obvious, but apart from us, children are born and grow up in places like El Bosque. Places without access to clean water. They grow up with bodies that try hard to adapt to contaminated water. They grow up taking part in a daily routine of walking with their mothers to the river to heave water home in forty pound buckets.

The thing is, we get the opportunity to not just to sit and lament brokenness in the world, but actually stand up and help mend it.

El Bosque is ready to have clean water. They’ve accepted the opportunity we’ve extended to work together, hand in hand, to get clean water to every house in their community. Land has been donated for the site for a new well, and each household has contributed money toward the project to help make it happen. And with your help through RISE, we can make it happen this year.

Can you help El Bosque get clean water this year?
If so, we invite you to RISE with us.

 100% of donations affiliated with RISE go directly to the community of El Bosque.

Tickets are $55/each



Second Mile water exists to provide permanent access to clean, safe drinking water. With your donations through RISE, 100% of what is given goes directly to El Bosque, and if we exceed our goal, to the next community on the list – Las Uvas. With sponsors like Patagonia, GoPro, Polar Bottle and Beyond Gear, a delicious dinner, drinks, exhibits of our work, an all-night photo booth, and an auction, you won’t want to miss it.

We also have sponsorship available if your company is interested in helping us provide clean water to El Bosque as well as other communities. Go tosecondmilewater.org/rise/sponsorship and let us know how you might be able to join us.

We look forward to seeing you there. Together, we RISE.

Travis Ramos and the 2MW Team




GENERAL: RISE will be from 7-10pm, and will include a delectable dinner by GreenPoint catering and drinks provided by Avery Brewing.

WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? We’ll have visual media exhibits of our work on display. The Stop-Motion Photo Booth will be running all night. Our CEO, Travis Ramos, will make a keynote presentation, and around 9 the auction will begin. We’ll wrap up the night around 10pm. We’re so excited to have you come and experience this with us!

DRESS: You can dress it up, you can dress it down, but dress it well. No need to come dressed to the 9’s, but dressed to the 8’s will do. Cocktail attire please!

[more details to come – we’ll update you via email as well!]