Tate William Ramos 
  • Written by Travis Ramos
  • Posted 6 years ago
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As our Director of Cuteness Relations, Tate’s relationship with 2MW embodies nepotism at its finest. He was terrible during his interview for the job, answering each question simply by pointing to the window or saying things like ‘um-yaya’ and ‘ba’, which roughly translates to ‘umbrella’ and ‘banana’. He then proceeded to crawl out the door mid-interview. To be frank, Tate didn’t even apply for the job in the first place and has no resume to speak of, but our Executive Director, Travis (who also happens to be Tate’s father), insisted that we hire him regardless.

That said, Tate brings to the table quite a formidable skill set when it comes to connecting with people. His bright eyes and quick smile light up the office, even though he only ‘works’ when Mom stops by for lunch. He helps Dad, – er, Travis – our Executive Director, maintain sanity in the midst of propelling Second Mile Water forward by engaging him in epic wrestling matches and laugh-fests after work. We love having Tate on board as an integral part of the team!

Biggest Pet Peeve:

When Mom and Dad place me in an old VW Bus and don’t let me eat broken glass.

My Superpower is…

Getting the attention of people and smiling them into submission.

Guilty Pleasure:


Book or Movie That Moved Me:

The Little Engine that Could.

Party Trick:

Setting off a code brown, otherwise known as going #2 in the bathtub.

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