Sophie Saouma 
  • Written by Guesty McGuesterson
  • Posted 7 years ago
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Sophie was raised as a third culture kid, constantly moving around the world before settling into Boulder, Colorado…. and then Claremont, California, to study at Scripps College for her BA. She studies Middle Eastern and North African studies and Computer Science. When she is not hunched over Arabic homework or lines of code, she likes to run, rock climb, and eat an absurd amounts of Nutella baked goods with her friends. Sophie was inspired to join the 2MW team after studying abroad in Lebanon and realizing how hard it was at times to access clean drinking water and how much worse it was for millions of others. She believes that access to clean drinking water should be a right and not a privilege.

If I won a million dollars:

I would travel around the world and volunteer until the money ran out.

Random Fact:

I couldn’t speak until I was five years old.

I like:

…to cook, bake Nutella goodies, run, rock climb, read, travel, and volunteer.

Favorite film:

My favorite film is Monsters Inc. Or really, any film from Pixar.