Rachel Taylor 
  • Written by Travis Ramos
  • Posted 7 years ago
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A huge outdoor enthusiast, Rachel was born in Seattle but moved to Colorado to pursue her undergraduate degree in International Business at the University of Denver. She spent the fall of 2012 studying and exploring throughout Europe. From her travels thus far, she has discovered that connecting and living with many different types of people has impacted her life significantly. These people have inspired her to “live a better story” in any way possible. She values Second Mile Water’s goal to make water available as a permanent resource to those without it and wants to spread its movement to combat poverty to as many people possible across the world.

I’m a Weekend Warrior For:

Camping trips to Moab, ID with a giant group of my friends when the weather is warm and the sun is out. I could also go for a ski weekend when the mountains have just been pounded with tons of powder.

My Superpower Would Be:

Teleportation. I would love to be able to go anywhere in the world, at any time, and take my friends along with.

Guilty Pleasure:

Every once in a while I’ll munch a whole jar of crispy dill pickles and a bag of Tims Cascade salt and vinegar chips! Salt overload!

I Like:

Baking pies, skiing in the Rockies or the Cascades, hot yoga, going on runs with my yellow lab, sailing, meeting new people, paddle-boarding, camping, swinging in hammocks, long beach runs, gardening, bonfires, and eating good food (I am a huge foodie).

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