Megan Morris 
  • Written by Travis Ramos
  • Posted 7 years ago
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Coming from a small city in Missouri to study at the University of Colorado, Megan fell head over heels for Boulder and the outdoorsy crowd who call it home. After graduating with a BA in psychology and sociology, she will be continuing her education at the University of Washington in hopes of pursuing career in nonprofit management. Megan lives for building meaningful relationships and loves a good challenge. She became involved with 2MW because she is inspired by both aspects of the mission and is pumped to collaborate with some incredible people to expand the organization’s impact.

Guilty Pleasure:

Making ice cream from scratch and proceeding to eat the entire batch in an absurdly unhealthy, short time.

Random Fact:

Until last year I had never been stung by a bee but had been stung by both a stingray and a scorpion.

What Baffles Me:

Both of my parents’ and all three siblings’ names start with “J.” They really couldn’t think of one more?

I Like:

Cooking, dogs, scuba diving, big dogs, school (a.k.a. being a nerd), traveling, knitting, building gingerbread houses, fishing, and laughing to the point of tears.

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