Kayleen Cohen 
  • Written by Nate Golter
  • Posted 6 years ago
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Before she was even double digits in age, Kayleen had informed her parents that she would be moving to Boulder, Colorado. In 2012 she was able to manifest this destiny, along with her dreams of being the owner of an uncontrollable mountain dog, and aspirations to be the next inspirational adventure writer. In addition to contributing to The Colorado 54, Kayleen is the owner and co-founder of Mtn. Dog Media, a Boulder-based digital marketing and web design outfit consisting of two feisty females dedicated to helping local businesses remain abreast in the digital marketplace.

Random fact:

Kayleen’s first published piece was a book of interviews with local Bloomington, Indiana holocaust survivors. She was given a grant to produce and publish the piece at the age of 13.

Most prized vinyl record:

An astounding copy of Led Zeppelin IV picked up at a local thrift shop.

Life Goal:

Create the most comprehensive Colorado atlas to date.

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