Jeff Walters 

Part international development geek, part gritty adventurer, Jeff is akin to a force of nature. Wherever he goes, from Antarctica to the North Pole, Norway to peru, over to Bolivia and stopping in Nicaragua, his brilliant perspective, passion, and love for people leaves a trail of smiles and people magnetized to his genuine nature and heart for others. When Jeff’s not daydreaming of climbing in Boulder Canyon he can be found with his nose in international development journals learning to cook up the perfect recipe for sustainable water and sanitation programs for his PhD at CU Boulder. Jeff possesses a refreshingly realistic understanding of the difficulties of attaining success in water and sanitation development balanced with a deep hope and vision for how 2MW and other such organizations worldwide can go the second mile to help people gain access to safe drinking water forever. With two engineering master’s degrees (including one in international development) and the courage to dive in and go for it, Jeff brings the ruckus.

About Travis Ramos

Devoted husband & father, the co-founder of Second Mile Water, and tireless adventurer seeking to live a better story in life.