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Sophie Hallam-Eames 

After growing up in water-filled Seattle, Sophie discovered her true connection to the resource upon moving to the arid climate of Boulder, Colorado. As she has pursued a double major in Environmental Studies and Geography at the University of Colorado, focusing on water policy and hydrology, she has become determined that her future career must […]

Kayleen Cohen 

Before she was even double digits in age, Kayleen had informed her parents that she would be moving to Boulder, Colorado. In 2012 she was able to manifest this destiny, along with her dreams of being the owner of an uncontrollable mountain dog, and aspirations to be the next inspirational adventure writer. In addition to […]

Arlo Carpenter 

New York born and Colorado raised, Arlo is no stranger to the outdoors. Growing up wandering the mountains in the beautiful and wild Vail Valley sparked in him an interest for everything adventurous. This ultimately led to Arlo coming to Boulder where he has spent the past four years pursuing a BA in Civil Engineering […]

Nate Golter 

As a Colorado Native, Nate grew up with a natural disposition towards adventure.  He is going into his senior year of his Engineering Education degree at Colorado State University and hopes to one day become a high school STEM teacher. But it’s his taste for adventure that lead him straight to 2MW.  He met Travis […]

Jessica Brown 

Raised in Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA, Jessica grew up on the beaches and in the woods New England. Her passion for nature in all shapes and forms brought her to Boulder for college and lead her to pursue a career the field of sustainability and the world of non-profits. The vast and mountainous Colorado terrain fed her […]

Megan Morris 

Coming from a small city in Missouri to study at the University of Colorado, Megan fell head over heels for Boulder and the outdoorsy crowd who call it home. After graduating with a BA in psychology and sociology, she will be continuing her education at the University of Washington in hopes of pursuing career in […]

MacKenzie Burdic 

It’s likely you will spot MacKenzie taking full advantage of nearly every perk stunning Colorado has to offer: dominating 14ers and all other outdoor activities, sipping crisp micro-brews, corn-hole tournaments, porch sitting and so much more. A professional wanderer, MacKenzie has been bopping around the developing world for the past few years, focusing mostly on […]

Tanner Barkin 

An artist to the core, you’ll never find Tanner without his sketchbook in hand, on the lookout for ways to bring his unique vision to the world around him. From shredding pools at the local Colorado skate-parks and working a full time job to majoring in graphic design and owning a local apparel company, Tanner […]

Sophie Saouma 

Sophie was raised as a third culture kid, constantly moving around the world before settling into Boulder, Colorado…. and then Claremont, California, to study at Scripps College for her BA. She studies Middle Eastern and North African studies and Computer Science. When she is not hunched over Arabic homework or lines of code, she likes […]

Julian Fleming 

A Colorado native, Julian grew up with a great love for exploring the outdoors. Whether in Colorado or on the move somewhere trotting the globe, Julian has always had a craving for adventure and new experiences. Fresh off the plane from studying abroad in beautiful Granada, Spain, Julian hit the ground running with 2MW, bringing […]

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