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Stories in Startup #183: Tipping Point 

We were at The Med, in downtown Boulder, and our waiter had just set down my lemonade. I couldn’t help but fidget in my chair, impossible to get comfortable, trying to calm my nerves. A week earlier we had spoken on the phone, the line connecting us Colorado to Alaska. I now sat across the […]

Stories in Startup, #173 

It was Sunday, December 30, 11:58am, and my palms were sweaty. I felt like I was in the ninth grade all over again, about to dial the number of a girl I liked, knowing I would just sound like a bumbling idiot when she answered. Only this time I wasn’t in the ninth grade, I’m […]

Last Minute, End of the Year News! 

Members of the Mob, listen up! We just got off the phone with the Gaguine Foundation, and they’ve agreed to contribute an end of the year gift in the amount of $8,000 to Second Mile Water! You heard that right. We can’t express how excited we are. What a way to end the year – […]

Materials: DELIVERED 

We’ve been busy the latter part of this year, making a lot of things happen behind the scenes, ready to come out of the gate strong in 2013 and partner with each of you to make more amazing things happen, bringing clean, safe drinking water to as many people as we can. For now, we […]

2012: the year it all began 

For Second Mile Water, 2012 marks the year it all began. As most of you know, earlier this year I jumped in with both feet. With a foundation of education, experience, lots of research, a mountain of hope and a touch of blind optimism, we started Second Mile Water. With big successes as well as […]