Bryon Weber 
  • Written by Travis Ramos
  • Posted 8 years ago
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  • Brain Bank

“What we’re doing is about more than simply water; it’s about people.”

With a background in land planning and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture, Bryon holds a deep appreciation for the interconnection of people and the natural environment. With this comes the recognition of our utter reliance on nature’s resources – including clean water. His innovative approach to problem solving is matched only in Macguyver, and his penchant for thinking outside the box brings a unique perspective to the Bank, helping push 2MW forward in its pursuit to not only help people gain access to clean water, but to also engage and involve people right here in a compelling way. His strategic thinking and perspective rooted in a systems-design approach to problem solving contributes greatly toward the mission and success of 2MW.

When not serving the Brain Bank, he can be found enjoying the trails of Colorado or soaking up all things soccer.

Best Holiday Destination…

Is a place with warm space and warm food. That assumes its cold outside, so perhaps it could also be a cool space and warm food. Actually, I think holidays should be cold – so let’s stick with warm and warm.

Favorite Film…

A River Runs Through It. Also a book, but I’m not so good with the words. Based on a true story, and set in a beautiful locale. With quality people, place and time it doesn’t get much better.

Guilty Pleasure…

I catch a fair amount of grief for the role of candy in my life. A sucker (get it) for all things sweet, I’ve been known to maintain a consistent supply of gummy bears and healthy (?) assortment of other candies on hand at all times.

If I could go anywhere in the world….

There would be mountains and an opportunity to experience them. Snow on the mountains would be a bonus, especially if it’s combined with blue sky and an ability to slide down it.

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